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Pay Per View (PPV) users require to register. You will now be asked to specify (and confirm) your own password. Once selected you will be registered and automatically logged in. You will then see the paypal button. You do not need an account with paypal but can pay directly with a debit/Credit card.

Once logged in you will see the Next Match and a video icon with a Paypal Payment button.

After you have purchased the match and logged back into the system you will see under the Next Match heading a video icon and watch, click on this to take you to the stream page.

A Pay-Per-View Ticket provides online access only. The Club is not responsible for any problems caused by your computer hardware, computer operating systems, internet connection or other software installed on your computer or other device.

It is now possible to pay for your purchase with a different Paypal account than the one registered. After registration login, select the Paypal button and continue to paypal and pay with the required account.

This means that you can use a different email for paypal payment or you can actually pay for someones PPV stream (for example your son or mother).

You can pay using a debit/credit card without having a paypal account. Click on the paypal button and select the Pay with Debit/Credit card at the bottom.

Paypal does ask you if you wish to create an account but you can just bypass that process.

We are working on using Stripe to accept card payments